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Dating for Losers

Advice from a White Girl in Jeans

Hey all, so these past couple weeks have been crazy and depressing, haven’t felt much like answering questions because there are bigger, larger questions that have no answers and lead to more questions and crying crying crying doughnut holes.

THAT BEING SAID, we must go on, and make the world a better place in the small, shitty little ways that…

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Ice Bucket Challenge: Sexy Edition

Ice Bucket Challenge: Sexy Edition

There seems to be a divide online regarding the Ice Bucket Challenge. The amazing outpouring of support is wonderful. Sure, seeing the same thing in the same way over and over can get tedious to one’s Facebook feed. I get that. However, if the road to raising money for ALS, or really any worthwhile cause is paved with ice, water, and buckets, I’m all for it.

My good friend Sienna Spaldingtagged…

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Are We Overthinking Love?

Are We Overthinking Love?

With a bevy of information, charts, graphs, advice, and opinions on the ins and outs of dating out there, I ask one question: are we overthinking love?

Resident female whitey Rebecca Leib wants us to shut off our brains for a moment. For most of us guys, not a problem. Not a problem at all.


Advice from a white girl in jeans

You know when you’re reading some dumb magazine or…

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Hot Women Of Cosplay: Liz Katz

Hot Women Of Cosplay: Liz Katz

I get cosplay. I mean I GET it. Hot chicks bringing my adolescent curiosities to life? YES PLEASE. Granted I’ve been to Comic-Con only once in New York and HATED it, but that doesn’t stop my appreciation of it’s cosplayer fueled eye candy.

Well, as an early birthday present to you, yes you, unless your name is Greg then NOT you Greg, I assembled a little homage to one of my favorite people, via…

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