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Hot Chick Fails

I will not insult your intelligence by trying to convince you that this is a learning experience. We all fail. Yes, even hot chicks. When they fail, they fail hard, and we laugh all the live long day. Here are some diamonds in the very, very rough. Enjoy these hot chick fails.

 Oh, like you don’t do model poses next to your cereal.


Oh no, she got salt water all over her Pilates.


Women love…

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How to Get a Girl on Tinder

How to Get a Girl on Tinder

Yes, I’m the douchebag who is going to talk about how to get a girl on Tinder that’s never actually used Tinder. I’ve “employed” my friend and fellow dateophile Davison to help crack the Tinder code for you. We will use words, pictures, and even video to guide you through the most complicated simple dating site out there. Let’s get started, shall we?


Your heart is…

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How to Win at Online Dating

How to Win at Online Dating

I know what you are thinking:  what is a “win” when it comes to online dating. Finding love? Getting laid? Not having a miserable time? Getting someone to at least respond to you on the site itself? Well, I guess it’s all of those. People have different reasons for dating online.

I’m going to speak to the guys out there, because boys, it’s an uphill battle. For every one woman that might contact…

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How to Bang Your Friends

How to Bang Your Friends

Guys, you have female friends…well, pretend you do. I know there is at least one you want to bang. You are like me, and don’t care about putting the friendship in jeopardy. Rebecca Leib is back to tell you how to bang your friends. This is Friends With Benefits 2.0.

Advice From a White Girl in Jeans

Hey all: this week’s been a real whirlwind, what with watching all 23 episodes of Cheers season 4a…

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You Can Get a Hot Chick: Celebrity Edition

You Can Get a Hot Chick: Celebrity Edition

Guys, you do not have to be traditionally good looking, or…well good looking in any respect to get a hot chick. My rule is, if you have seen one attractive girl and wonder “how did THAT dude get her?”, then I have proved my point. YOU could be that dude. I mean yeah, let’s be real, you need to have SOMETHING to offer. However I will save that bit of insight for another post.

Celebrities are the…

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