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Online dating is a numbers game. Most of the time, the numbers are not in your favor. Not sure if guys are too impulsive when contacting women via a dating site, or they are too calculating and not impulsive enough.

Either way, Tinder, OK Cupid,, or whatever your poison may be, the correspondence are generally hilarious. I think calling them “fails” is probably moot, but it’s always…

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Advice from a white girl in jeans

Hey all, let’s get right too it, because I feel VERY strongly about this week’s subject matter…the hHJ. The job of hands. The hand on penis move. The dicksqueeze up n’ downs. Whatever lots of names for it and all of those were very well thought out and researched. But, I DIGRESS.

My boyfriend wants me to give him a handjob and I’ve never done it before. Any tips?

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DATE MOVE: TAKEN 3 Exclusive Trailer

DATE MOVE: TAKEN 3 Exclusive Trailer

TAKE your date to TAKEN 3. Either she will be hormonally charged from all the awesomeness, or disappointed which will make sex with you seem at least OK.

Bryan Mills is back. All bets are off. The Plot: Revenge. Everyone gets hurt. This is what I’m hoping for. Taken 2 was awful, minus a few ok scenes. I will however be there opening night with bells on. Let’s watch the exclusive trailer together.…

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You know the saying, “there’s an app for that”? Well, I think at this point, they might be right. There is an app and a website for everything. If you are a betting person, dating and sex seems like a slam dunk for making money and waves in the industry. People want to roll the dice on love. Only the dice is the app, and the roll is click or a swipe.

We are all familiar with dating sites like Tin…

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YOU DON’T “OWE” ANYONE ANYTHING (Just don’t be a dick)

YOU DON’T “OWE” ANYONE ANYTHING (Just don’t be a dick)

Advice From A White Girl In Jeans

Hey ALLLLLL: I’m back, with a particular focus this week: GUILT. The thing is, as terrible as humanity can be, the social and psychological captivity stemming from our puritanical roots can be the bane of our dating existence. For some reason, a great majority of us feel GUILT if we don’t like someone and need to cut it off, or generally, if someone has sexual or…

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